Old Fashioned Cattle Drive…

Early one freezing cold morning in January, Tami and I jumped on light rail and headed downtown for the National Western Stock Show Parade. The train dropped us off right at Union Station which was the staging area for the parade. We got there way to early, there were no animals and not a single cowboy in sight! Why are we ALWAYS 3 hours early or a million hours late?

With freezing fingers, toes and noses we had to find a place to warm up. Panera to the rescue with their blazing fireplace, hot coffee and cinnamon rolls. Then, when we were able to feel our fingers and toes again we spent an hour or so hunting for the perfect spot to take pictures.

The vision in our heads was to get pictures of the animals and the parade with the entrance to Union Station in the background. How far away from Union Station should we be? Should we set up camp on the left or right side of 17th? We finally found and staked out what we thought would be the perfect spot.

We guarded THAT spot! We threw elbows to keep THAT spot!

It was amazing! Longhorn Steers led the way right down the middle of 17th Street straight through the heart of Downtown Denver.

It ended up being a beautiful sunny day. We took tons of pictures – of people, horses, cows, wagons, and RANDOM buildings. Just RANDOM buildings… NOT. A. SINGLE. PICTURE. with Union Station in the background! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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