In the Middle of the Herd…

After several days of tracking the bison herd at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal… Tami and I thought we had figured out the best place to take pictures of them as they wandered from one grazing spot to another. We parked the car confident that the herd would pass right in front of us.

FYI… THEY ARE HUGE! THEY SMELL! – (they really, really stink… I’m not sure why this surprised me… but it did). THEY GROWL! – (they do not moo… they do not grunt)… THEY GROWL!

So, this large herd (of at least 80) very smelly, growling bison are heading in our direction. We are ready, our cameras are ready, the moon roof is open and then…

They do not just cross the road in front of us… they are beside us… they are behind us… they are bumping into the car… they are practically in the car with us… why is my window open?!?! I am in awe. I am petrified. I am sure they are going to tip the car over (how will we explain this to the insurance company?). I am positive this is NOT safe!

They are not in a big hurry to move on. They are all just hanging out. Some of the boys are “rough housing”. One of them is very curious and keeps trying to stick his head into the car… WHY is my window still open?!?!

I am convinced they will never leave. It feels like we have been stuck in the middle of the herd for hours (amazing how 10 minutes can feel like hours!) . Then they are gone and are just tiny dots on the horizon. That’s when I realize I’ve taken very few pictures. 🤦‍♀️

Based on our reaction to a herd of herbivores (basically – really big cows) we have come to the conclusion that we would NOT do well on African Safari. I guess I can cross that off my bucket list.