The Great Sunflower Hunt of 2019

The Great Sunflower Hunt of 2019 started wayyy before there were actual sunflowers to photograph. Numerous drives on dirt roads to find a good spot (mountains in the background, facing west for good sunset pictures and close enough to the airport to get a shot of a British Airways Plane as it lands). Weeks of driving around, watching Facebook and Instagram posts, sending family and friends out to hunt and we couldn’t find a sunflower field anywhere! We were beginning to think that we were completely out of luck. Almost too late in the season we found several LARGE fields that I know I had driven past at least a half dozen times 🤦‍♀️ what the heck?!?! Were they camouflaged?

This sunflower saga did not have a happy ending. Ya know those annoying little sticky burrs that show up at the end of summer… the ones that I spend hours picking out of my tennis shoes?

True story if they get stuck in the side of a tire they will cause a flat. Yep, there we were literally in the middle of NO WHERE with a slow leak!!! The only thing in sight was a creepy looking barn and farmhouse.

The minute the tire pressure light of doom came on we decided that being a part of the sequel to THE CHAINSAW MASSACRE was NOT for us! We quickly called Tami’s son. Why? Well at least someone would know where to find our bodies. Tami stayed on the line with Tom while I desperately tried to get my GPS to work. We sort of knew where we were, so no thanks to Google Maps (and my inability to read a map 🤦‍♀️), we managed to find our way to the cell phone lot by the airport. Never have I been so happy to see people and a gas station! We put air in the tire and headed toward home. Tom met us about half way and began to follow us just in case.

After much discussion Tami and I decided that if we kept the tire warm by driving fast and not stopping the tire would stay fuller. I’m not sure what “facts” if any were used in coming to this conclusion or if this was simply wishful thinking. (I probably should do some research after all sunflower season is only 6 months away).

About half way home that dreaded light of doom returned. Our solution was to drive faster. There would be no slowing down or stopping! Poor Tom, he had no hope of keeping up with us, we made it home a good 10 minutes before him even though at one point he was right behind us.

Sunflowers and Sunset
Sunflowers… Sunset… Mountains… No Plane 🤦‍♀️

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